Monday, January 15, 2018

Rose Gold Engagement Ring Making Comeback

Back at the turn of the 19th century, rose gold engagement rings were a popular choice among couples ready to tie the knot. Today that popularity is experiencing a resurgence for a number of reasons.

What Is Rose Gold?
Rose gold is a blend of yellow gold and copper. The more copper in the blend, the rosier the hue. In the same regard, the higher karat the lighter the shade will be because it contains more pure gold. In the end, how deep the blush comes down to ratios and personal preference.

In some cases, 18k rose gold rings will contain silver or palladium along with the gold and copper, while lesser karat rings might contain some silver or zinc. For those who have allergies to consider it is important to talk to your jeweler regarding the actual makeup of the ring you are considering.

Advantages of Rose Gold Engagement Ring
One reason people fancy rose gold is its romantic vintage look, but beyond that, this precious gold offers practical advantages. For instance, it makes an attractive choice for people with nickel allergies which can be experienced with white gold and is more durable than yellow gold.

Aside from these physical advantages rose gold is also an affordable choice that compliments all skin tones.

Rose gold engagement rings provide a classy-looking ring that’s versatile and yet distinct. Today, you can find them available in vintage or contemporary designs.

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