Friday, February 23, 2018

Traditional Wedding Dresses of Indian Brides

The Indian wedding tradition I’m most familiar with is the Mehndi Ceremony that takes place before the wedding. If you’ve seen the ornate henna tattoos worn by Indian brides, this is the ceremony in which they are applied. It's a fun celebration that takes place the night before the wedding and is celebrated by the bride’s side of the family. A professional mehndi artist or relative applies henna in intricate designs on the hands and feet of the bride as well as other women in the family. These designs signify joy, beauty, spiritual awakening, and offering. The following day the Vivaah (marriage) takes place with much grandeur, grace, color, and plenty of traditions. Yes, color is common for Indian brides who traditionally wear red. Red symbolizes purity and is thought to be the most positive color among Hindus. Traditionally, brides wear a red lehenga or sari, but the exact style of dress often depends on where they come from regionally.

Bridal Sari
The sari is widely thought to be a symbol of grace in cultures of the Indian subcontinent, and in South India, it is the preferred bridal dress. A sari (also saree or shari) is traditional Indian clothing that’s unisex in nature. It a drape typically wrapped around the waist with one end draped over the shoulder and leaving the midriff bare. Today women wear it over an underskirt with a fitted upper garment generally called a blouse ravike in South India. The blouse has short sleeves and is usually cropped baring the midriff.

Bridal Lehenga Choli
The bridal lehenga is an ornate two-piece outfit worn by most Indian brides. The skirt-like bottom is paired with a traditional fitted cropped blouse choli that’s often embroidered or at least dressy, worn with a long scarf dupatta or long stole. The whole outfit is known as the Bridal lehenga choli.

Today modern Indian brides who want to stand out choose to forego the traditional red and wear colors like green, blue, gold, tangerine, and coral.

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