Monday, July 3, 2017

The Shoe Game a New Wedding Tradition

Traditionally games are played at the wedding shower, but today they are slipping into the wedding reception too. The Mr. and Mrs. game (also known as the Shoe Game) is a fun game played by the bride and groom while guests watch. It's kind of like the Newlywed Game, but it's just the bride and groom playing against each other to show how well they know each other--while everyone else watches.

To play the game, the bride and groom take of their shoes. The groom holds one of the bride's shoes in each hand, and the bride holds the groom's shoes in each hand. They are seated back to back and the MC or DJ starts asking questions like: Who's most likely to drop their phone in the toilet? The bride and groom answer by raising the shoe of who they think it would be.

It's fun and gets everyone laughing.

Questions: (You can make up your own)

Who's most likely to drop their phone in the toilet?
Who has the better sense of humor?
Who spends the most money?
Who takes more time in the bathroom?
Who hogs the blankets?
Who is the smarter dresser?
Who spends more time on Facebook?
Who is the better dancer?
Who is the bigger baby when they have a cold?
Who's the better kisser?

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